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Thales Fund is a Professional Hedge Fund that trades in the Currency Exchange Markets. ECF uses specialized designed algorithm automatic trading systems developed exclusively by Fintech4trading LLC.

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and strategies that have been proven to provide consistent and reliable returns. With a team of the world’s leading FX Spot traders and a mix of complex Trading Strategies, ECF offers one of the finest High Rate Investment Plans available today.


Our Investment Focus

We believe in active management with a strong focus on valuation across all the currencies.

As a Professional Hedge Fund we embrace a variety of investment styles, allowing our teams to implement the best approach for their respective asset classes. Our investment managers operate independently to encourage innovation and accountability, while consistent implementation of their investment philosophy and process is regularly monitored.

We expect our investment teams to think unconventionally and encourage active dialogue across regions and capital structures. We manage risk as much as portfolios, with risk management an integral part of the decision making process. Our investment managers are able to focus on their primary task of making investment decisions and are supported by a team of product specialists.

Our size, global reach and focused product range differentiates us from our competitors.

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We Are The New Generation

ECF is fully automated. Orders are automatically passed through specific software. The human component is limited only to monitoring trading activities.

ECF is totally liquid, the underlying of the fund is always liquid because it is made up of currencies.

ECF operates exclusively on the Currency Exchange Markets and entirely unrelated to the Stock Market Index movements. Only proprietary Trading Strategies are used and signals are distributed over 19 currency crosses with consequent diversification of investments and constant returns. Trading Strategies are a combination of calibrated and encoded algorithms of technical analytical studies developed by Elevation Fintech4trading LLC, using cross currency correlation, trade sizing and an extremely detailed money & margin management methodologies.

We select the Top Liquidity Provider in the Market


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